Pointed Circle, Issue 36

The Pointed Circle, Issue 36

This was the issue blindsided by coronavirus. 

We’d already been planning on using a “monster/ transformation” aesthetic. That turned out to be prescient— in part because of the gothic little non-lifeform haunting the globe right now, but also because this time has warped us, changed us, both as an editorial team and as a species. We are, all of us, transforming—into what? Only the fullness of time will tell, but perhaps the work contained within this journal may give us clues to the new worlds about to emerge from the body of the old. The word “monster” comes from the Latin word monere, which means “to warn, advise, admonish.” Monsters get a bad rap. Mostly because they’re different—they don’t look like us, think like us, or live as we do. Humans are great at hating what they don’t understand, scapegoating and vilifying otherness. Unusual beings disrupt the complacency we love to keep. Monsters, and our reactions to them, tend to reveal things about humanity that cannot be rationally explained. In this way, the creator and the monster are perhaps not so very different. 

This installment of The Pointed Circle aims to celebrate social equity and inclusivity by publishing works by people from myriad different countries, cultures, and identities. We seek to embrace and uplift otherness. We want to take our small stand against social erasure and demonization, against the homogenizing forces of white supremacy and nationalism and fear. The actions of our species have been at least “fifty percent terrible,” as Maggie Smith says in her viral poem (pun intended) “Good Bones,” and we’re overdue for a transformation. It’s coming whether we want it or not, and artists and writers will help show us the way.

Editors: Daniel Bloomfield, Niko Boskovic, Yao Cheng, Zachary Flye, Thomasina Fizdale, Rizzo Lasagna, Jai Milx, Bobby Mullan, Mylena Panelli, Rebecca Petchenik, Jasmine Pierce, Antonia Silva, Kira Smith, S.C. Taulbee, Camilo Velasco-Overson, Aaron Warnock, Ash Wilson

Download Issue 36 here.


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